Trip to Mauna Kea Observatory - 1/7/2009

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We were staying on the west side of Hawaii,
and I never saw Mauna Kea from there.  This was
taken from the van, and it was my first glimpse
of the mountain.
This also was taken on from the van, which would not
stop on the way up.  It was my best view of "vog" on
the entire trip, unfortunately the photo doesn't
adequately capture it.
We stopped between the visitor's center and the
summit for a bit more altitude acclimation - I guess
around 11 or 12K.
Here is the sounding for that afternoon.  The clouds
looked so far below us, and I guess they were.
These are the "twin" telescopes operated by Caltech
and University of California - the W. M. Keck
The same two telescopes and the "Subaru" (left)
operated by Japan.
As the sun is setting, the shadow of Mauna Kea
points to Hilo.  Unfortunately, Hilo is also
obscured by clouds.
More telescopes (from left to right) Subaru, Keck (2)
and the NASA Infrared Telescope.
The Gemini Telescope And the sun goes down....
The Gemini again... Nearly full moon, beautiful blue/violet sky and the
Canada-France-Hawaii telescope... 
I was so excited about the moon in some of my pictures,
but it really put a damper on night sky viewing later
 in the evening.
Here is a key to the telescopes.  I grabbed the map from: